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Windsor Home Inspections

Windsor Home inspection services play a vital role in eliminating the stress and the confusion of purchasing a new home. There are lots of things you need to consider when buying a new property such as the location and the price range. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re planning to have a new place or a current one; you still need to worry about the unknown. Does it have issues which can be expensive in the future? You can know if there are issues by getting the service of an expert home inspector. They offer you a reliable and professional inspection. 

Choosing the best and most reliable home inspector can be an overwhelming task. There are many factors you need to consider, such as the price, experience, and reliability. What is more, different home inspectors have different qualifications, experience, pricing, reporting techniques, and use various tools as well. One thing is for sure; home inspection needs lots of work. The effort of an individual’s inspector relies critically on a detailed home inspection. If you allow us to assess or inspect your new property, we assure you that we will give our best effort. This is our promise to our clients.

At Windsor Home inspection, you can rely on a professional home inspection service. Our company is developed on the principle of nurturing collaboration and teamwork between our clients in the process of purchasing, building as well as selling a property in (place) and the surrounding area. We are very proud to have performed thousands of home inspections in the area since our beginning. 

We at Windsor Home Inspection, believe that there a lot of reason why a professional home inspection is a must. The most important goal is to make the best out of your money as well as the safety of the whole family.

Why Choose Us?

Why must you choose our home inspection services?

  • We have certified home inspection 
  • A state of the art report that allows you to determine what problems to solve right away. 
  • We offer straight forward pricing, no hidden charges 
  • We offer superb value without breaking your bank account
  • We offer clear, easy to comprehend reports and on point 
  • We make use of state of the art tools to provide precise and accurate reports 
  • We provide synopsis at the end of each report to present to you the problems that need proper and immediate solutions. 
  • We have many years of experience in the business.


Choosing a professional home inspection company is considered one of the vital decisions you can make when selling or buying a property. Buyers, real estate, and homeowners alike choose (company name) because of the highest level of care and customer service we provide. Our inspectors are expert, knowledgeable as well as professional.

Buyer Home Inspection

Are you planning a new home? If so, make sure your prospective property is ready for moving in with a detailed inspection from bottom to top with our professional inspectors.

Commercial/Business Inspection

Make sure your company or commercial building is in excellent condition to assure the safety of your clients and employees alike. Choose us for a all-inclusive commercial inspection service.

Limited Scope Inspection

Confine your home inspection service with our limited scope inspection. We will help you identify the issues of your home as fast as possible.

Infrared Thermography

With our infrared thermography, we can help you check the reliability of your property for temp issues and concerns.

Growth Testing Of Microbial

With our thorough growth testing of microbial, we can find out mold issues, thus helping you to address the problems immediately before becoming worse.

Pest Inspection

Spot and banish an array of existing and future pets from the property fast. 

Spa & Pool Inspection

We ensure your spa or swimming pool has been inspected professionally and adequately before using. Call us for a comprehensive spa and pool analysis.

Random Inspections

Keep your home safe and sound from potentially reaching risky and unsafe levels of radon through getting a thorough random inspection service from us.

Roof Inspection

Keep the roof of your home safe and secure from stormy weather through our roof inspection service.

Seller Home Inspection

 Planning to buy a new home? If so, make sure you get the best price through the help of our seller home inspection service.

Pests & Termite Inspection

With our pests inspection, we can help you get rid of termites and devastating pests before wreaking costly destruction on your property.

Water Testing

Make sure the quality of water that is going to your home is safe with the help of our water testing service.

For more information about our home inspection services, please feel free to visit our website or call our customer hotline number.


Our mission is to be the best Windsor home inspectiors for both sellers, investors, buyers as well as real estate companies by offering the best and accurate inspection report, continuously providing an unparalleled level of customer service, upholding our firm dedicated to ethics, knowledge as well as fineness in our job or profession.


Our vision is to provide a comprehensive and thorough home inspection service for our customers for a very reasonable price. Our Windsor, On inspectors will work firmly for our customers and promise to provide an accurate report. We will offer a superb home inspection service for our beloved customers from start to end.


Our Team

We have the best team of professional inspectors with many years of experience in the business.  Safety is the main concern of our team. We pride in being professional and trustworthy. Our staff will be your advocate all through the process. We aim to educate you regarding the deficiencies and also to regard the positives and negatives with the property. 

Last but not least, a detailed home evaluation depends greatly on years of experience. If you allow our Windsor, On team to assess your new property, we assure you that we will take good care of your property and treat it as we are the one purchasing your property.

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